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Private Jet Considerations

By Amarath Pfeiffer

The are a number of indicators one considers as denoting success. Items like a large home, expensive cars, jewelry, exotic vacations, and private jets. Of that short list only one stands alone as being reserved for those who have reached the pinnacle of success. After all, in an age of McMansions a big home may be just an over extension of one's credit, expensive vehicles could be a lease, jewelry may be a quality fake, and the world is now open to everyone for travel.

The one indicator out of reach unless one has the honest ability to attain it is private jet travel.

The connotations associated with a private jet absolutely broadcast that one has arrived. The world changes for those who travel by private jet- one does not have to arrive two hours early to be screened by security, or if late, have to sprint through the airport before the cabin door closes. With a private jet everything is based around the jet traveler, the plane does not takeoff until they arrive but does takeoff the moment they get seated on board. One may feel free to take shoes off, smoke, have pets seated next to them uncaged, and walk on board with a drink in hand.

The locations one may travel to in the continental US go up by a factor of ten, five thousand airports for the private jet traveler as opposed to just five hundred for the commercial air traveler.

With a private jet costing anywhere from five million to forty million dollars, there are some considerations to do pondered before making a call for a private jet.

Size Of Jet

The size of a jet needed is determined by two factors, the number of passengers needing to be hauled and the distance of trips flown. On the small side (light jets) there are aircraft that can hold seven passengers and travel about 1,500 miles. On the heavier side there are large executive jets, which can carry twelve passengers and travel a range of four thousand miles.

Type of Ownership

There are a number of ways one may fly in a private jet.

  • Fractional Card - With this manner of ownership one buys a set number of hours to fly in an aircraft in the fleet.
  • On-demand Charter - A more traditional form of renting a jet along with a staff to fly the aircraft. Good for a single or occasional trip.
  • Charter Card - Operating like a debit card, one opens an account with a set amount of dollars. This account is then deducted from on an hourly rate, in-flight basis.
  • Limited-route Alternatives - Like mini-airlines, luxury aircraft serve popular routes on a schedule and one buy a seat for each trip.
  • Outright Ownership - One buys a multimillion-dollar aircraft and pays all fees, taxes, fuels, maintenance, pilot costs, and hangar expenses.

Ultimately, one must decide if the additional cost of a private jet is for them. Definitely a case can be made for the timesavings and the luxury is a definite perk. However, with the high cost involved, private jets should be examined closely before moving even for a simple single charter flight.

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