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  • Used Jets - Punched the numbers lately? In the aftermath of the recession, the private jet market is looking for a floor. Thoughts and tips on buying a used jet.
  • In the world of private aviation, there are different classifications of private jets, each with different amenities, specialities and specifications. This article will help to differentiate the different classes of jets available.
  • Buying a private jet is the right decision if you travel a lot and your business requires it. Unlike other large purchases, there are certain unique factors to take into account when buying a private jet...
  • Private jet ownership - the pinnacle of success. But with a private jet costing anywhere from five million to forty million dollars, there are some considerations to ponder before making a call for a private jet.
  • Can you afford a private jet? Yes, there are very real costs. But a private jet is also a very outward and visible sign of your success. For some, the question might be better asked - can you afford to NOT own a private jet?
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